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A pear cut – or teardrop cut diamond – is perfect for those who are looking for unique engagement rings. This diamond cut has been around since the 15th century, and has become popular in recent years, as it’s a versatile cut that can be made into a traditional or contemporary ring. Due to their teardrop-shape, pear engagement rings are said to represent tears of joy, so if you are looking for a ring to celebrate your engagement, browse our collection of pear-cut jewellery.

Pear engagement rings handcrafted by Diamonds Factory

Diamonds Factory are specialists in all things diamond, so if you’re looking for pear engagement rings, we can handcraft one just for you.

When you’re shopping for engagement rings, one of the key things to focus on is the centre stone, and at Diamonds Factory we let you choose from a number of options to get the pear cut diamond of your dreams. This includes:

Carat – one advantage of pear cut diamonds is that their elongated shape means they look bigger than a round cut of the same carat weight. You can customise our engagement rings with a smaller carat for an understated look, or a large carat weight for lots of sparkle

Clarity – diamond clarity refers to the presence of imperfections on the stone, with an IF (internally flawless) being the most desirable. However, pear cuts are good at hiding small imperfections

Colour – a D grade diamond will be 100% colourless, which is what many buyers desire, while G or H diamonds will have a small amount of colour, which is hard to detect. Diamonds Factory also offer yellow diamonds, if you want something different, as well as pear cut sapphires and other coloured stones for a unique style

Simply choose one of our pear engagement rings, and you’ll find lots of options to customise it to suit you. You can then order your ring online and enjoy great prices when compared to boutique jewellers.

Diamonds Factory offers online shopping, and we also have showrooms in Sydney, Melbourne and other cities where you can see our pear engagement rings up close and make your choice. You can get a bespoke engagement ring, without the inflated prices, with quality diamonds and handcrafting.