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4 Prong Setting Plain Three Stone Ring
Trilogy rings feature three beautiful stones, representing your past, present and future as a couple. These classic, romantic rings from Diamonds Factory are perfect for those who want some extra sparkle. The trilogy ring style is incredibly versatile, allowing you to combine different cuts and sizes of gem, and you can opt for a traditional or contemporary look. Browse our range of trilogy rings below to find your perfect piece.

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The romantic symbolism of trilogy rings makes them ideal for when you want to surprise her. If you know she loves engagement rings with lots of sparkle, a trilogy ring is one to consider, as you don’t just get one beautiful gemstone, but get to pick out three. There are a number of style options you can consider when you pick a trilogy ring: Size – Like all our engagement rings, our trilogy rings can be set with diamonds or gems of the size of your choosing. Some trilogy rings have three gems of the same size, while others have a larger centre stone and two shoulder stones. Gemstones – Diamond lovers can choose three beautiful diamonds to set in their ring, but if you want something different, choose a coloured centre stone like a blue sapphire, emerald or ruby. Cut – Lots of different cuts work well in a trilogy style, and you can even have one cut for the centre stone, and a different one on each side. Choose from cuts like emerald, Asscher, pear, heart, round, marquise and more. Accents – In addition to the three main stones, you can also opt to have halo accents, or even more accent stones on the band for those who want as much sparkle as possible. There are a wide range of trilogy rings on our site to give you style inspiration, and if you see one you like, go through to the page and you can see some of the different options to personalise your ring. If you want a handcrafted trilogy ring, without the huge price tag, shop at Diamonds Factory. We create beautiful, bespoke engagement rings and more in a wide range of styles, so you can find your perfect ring with ease.