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Prong Round  Diamond Halo Ring
Prong Pear  Diamond Halo Ring
Prong Oval  Diamond Halo Ring
Prong Marquise  Diamond Halo Ring
Prong Emerald  Diamond Halo Ring
Featuring a centre stone surrounded by smaller diamonds, it’s easy to see why halo rings have become such a popular look in recent years. A halo is the ideal feature if you want to add sparkle to your ring, and it sets off the main stone beautifully, giving it a luxurious, opulent look. Take a look at Diamonds Factory’s halo ring range below, and you can tailor one of our styles to meet your needs.

Halo Rings Made to Your Specifications

At Diamonds Factory, we know that no two women have the same taste, so we handcraft our rings to your exact specifications. Simply browse our range of halo rings and find one you love. Then, you can choose options such as: The metal you’d like for the setting – From white or yellow gold to platinum. The diamond cut – Halo rings can be made with round, square, pear and many other cuts of diamond. The colour, clarity and carat weight of the main stone A specific diamond – If you’re buying a ring for someone who is very particular, you can browse the details of the diamonds we have in stock and choose the perfect centre stone for your ring.

Halo Engagement Rings Come in All Sorts of Styles

The great thing about halo engagement rings is that they are versatile, so can suit all sorts of styles. If you like elegant, understated looks, you can opt for a simple design, perhaps even something with a sapphire or emerald for a vintage feel. If you want a ring with lots of sparkle, you can opt for a larger centre stone and perhaps a double halo, where two rows of smaller stones are used to give you lots of fire. Halo rings are fast becoming one of the most popular engagement ring styles. At Diamonds Factory, you can choose one of our halo rings and have it made to your exact specifications, for a proposal she’ll always remember.