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4 Prong Setting Plain Two Stone Ring
Tension Setting Plain Two Stone Ring
Celebrate the joining together of two hearts with our two stone diamond rings. These two stone rings are an increasingly popular trend and have a unique romantic style. Best of all, two stone diamond rings come in a variety of styles to suit different tastes. Whether you want a diamond ring with lots of sparkle, or something contemporary and simple, you’ll find it at Diamonds Factory.

Two stone diamond rings are set to showcase your diamonds

Our range of two stone diamond rings have been designed to really showcase the diamonds you choose. With both classic and modern styles available, you can find the two stone ring that suits you. Prong settings – this is a classic look with four or six metal prongs that hold the diamond in place, to allow lots of light to hit the diamond. This is the most common setting in diamond rings. Bezel settings – a bezel setting has a metal edge around the rim of the diamond, which gives it a contemporary style and helps protect the diamond. Tension settings – a tension setting means that the diamond is set within invisible grooves in the metal, and is held in place from the pressure of the metal on either side, allowing you to see as much of the diamond as possible. When it comes to two stone diamond rings, you can also choose the cut of the diamond. Round cuts are by far the most common style, but you can also get a unique style by choosing a pear cut or an unusual shape like a heart. If you’re looking for an engagement ring in a unique style, consider one of our two stone diamond rings. The two intertwined stones can represent you as a couple, and there are lots of style options to give you the look you want. Shop online at the Diamonds Factory and you can choose a ring you love and personalise it to make it perfect.